Rich Dad Poor Dad Franchising with Robert Kiyosaki

On today’s episode of Franchise Secrets, I’m talking to a personal idol of mine: Robert Kiyosaki. Robert’s #1 best-selling Finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” changed my way of thinking, and my life as an entrepreneur. He joins us today to discuss how to shift our thinking and train ourselves as entrepreneurs through franchise experience. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and ideas—and as always, great stories.

New Franchisor Pitfalls with Klaus Grimm of K&KG Investments

Tune into this week's podcast as we take another look at the franchisee to franchisor journey. This episode is packed with tips and advice with Klaus Grimm of K&KG Investments, on the topics of diversifying your portfolio, new franchisor pitfalls and market predictions.

How to Buy a Franchise with Doc Cohen

Tune into this week's podcast as we discuss how to buy a franchise. This episode is packed with tips and advice with Doc Cohen, on the topics of buying a franchise, private equity vs a mom & pop franchisor, and a peek at the life of a franchisee and IFA chairman.

Lawrence “Doc” Cohen, a veteran of the franchise industry who first franchised Great American Cookies three decades ago, is the first-ever franchisee inducted into the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Hall of Fame. Cohen, whose company, Houston-based Cookie Associates, also owns TCBY, Coffee Beanery, and Pretzelmaker units.

Improving the Customer Experience with guest Scott Abbott of ProNexis

Tune into this week's podcast as we dive into the customer experience. This episode is packed with tips and advice with Scott Abbott, CEO of ProNexis, on the topics of first interaction, paid leads for home services and piloting call centers as a franchisee.

Scott is a respected entrepreneur from Utah that has led several companies from their growth stage to exit. Most notably was co-founding Five Star Painting, one of America’s largest painting franchise systems, taking it to over 100 locations in four countries, culminating with the sale of Five Star Painting to The Dwyer Group, one of the world’s most respected franchisors in the service industry. Today Mr. Abbott is leading ProNexis to become a fully integrated business solution for service based businesses.

From Franchisee to Franchisor with guest Tim Swackhammer of Mold Medics

Tune into this week's podcast as we dive into the journey of taking your business to a franchise. This episode is packed with tips and advice with Tim Swackhammer, franchise owner of Mold Medics.

Tim owns Mold Medics in Pittsburgh, PA which he has turned from a mom and pops business to a franchise. He is also owner of JAS Technology, a Wireless Zone franchise.

Learning Sales for Franchising with guest Ryan Casey of OrangeTheory

Tune into this week's podcast as we talk sales. We dive into the sales process packed with tips and advice with Ryan Casey, franchise owner of OrangeTheory Fitness.

Ryan opened an Orangetheory Fitness Studio in Bothell, WA which finished top 10 in Orangetheory's history at the time for opening members. He followed that up with opening Orangetheory Fitness Renton Highlands which reached over 1000 members in less than 9 months.

The Wealth vs Income Game with guest Krisstina Wise of Wealthy Wealthy

Tune into this week's podcast as we talk money. We dive into wealth vs income with Krisstina Wise, founder of Wealthy Wealthy.

Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, Millionaire Coach, and creator of several multi-million dollar businesses including Goodlife Luxury, The Paperless Agent and most recently, Wealthy Wealthy. She is also an international speaker and the award-winning author of the Amazon Best-Seller Falling for Money, a romance novel for your bank account. Named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in the country, she has been featured in USA TODAY, as well as by Apple, Contactually and Evernote for her creative leadership with emerging technologies.

Marketing Your Franchise with guest Alex Hormozi of Gym Launch Secrets

On this week's podcast we discuss marketing for franchises with Alex Hormozi, founder of Gym Launch Secrets. Topics for discussion include the evolution of Gym Launch Secrets, learning to market as a franchisee and his path to teaching franchise growth. Tune in to hear this incredibly valuable information.

All Things Franchising with guest Tom Rypma of 1-800-Got-Junk?

Today on the podcast we discuss all things franchising with Tom Rypma, 1-800-Got-Junk? franchisee. Topics for discussion include growing to $85 million budget in a service based business, the systems used for running his big empire and business during COVID-19. Tune in to hear this incredibly valuable information.

Data Management in Franchise Systems with guest Christian Pillat of Transitiv

Today on the podcast we have an interesting discussion with Christian Pillat on his company, Transitiv, and the topics of data management and franchising.

Christian loves transforming disruptive ideas into actionable business strategies. At Transitiv, they give brands unique insight into their customers through their Customer Data Platform. By identifying your best customers, you can market more effectively to them to bring them back more frequently and also target more customers like your best ones.

He is primarily responsible for the commercialization of the Transitiv. Previously, he founded a top 5 Franchise Marketing agency which he sold in December 2018.

Tune in to hear this incredibly valuable information.

Creating a Community with Brad Hart, Founder of Making More Marbles

Today on the podcast we have an Interview/Q&A with Brad Hart discussing masterminds and building a community.

With 20 years as an entrepreneur and 16 years managing wealth under his belt, Brad is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the grand challenges of our time.

With extensive experience in real estate, investments, trading, marketing, sales and peak performance strategy, he’s built and helped build several companies, growing revenues and profits into the millions of dollars.

From co-leading a mastermind of 52 people in China and Hong Kong, to holding mastermind groups in Bali, Italy, Greece and all over the US, Brad has been a part of 28 masterminds and started 10 himself, including a local weekly mastermind group with 450 members.

Tune in to hear this incredibly valuable information.

Mindset, Sales and Business during Covid-19 with Michael Bernoff, founder of the Human Institute

Today on the podcast we have an Interview/Q&A with Michael Bernoff hitting topics about mindset, sales, and things to be doing now in your business during COVID-19.

Michael is the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, a leader in the personal and professional development industry.

He works directly with individuals as well as corporate executives who desire to transform their corporate culture in an ever changing marketplace. His passion for his work is limitless and his dedication to positively impacting the world by empowering every individual is uncompromising.

The Pre and Post COVID 19 Landscape of Fitness and Beauty locations with Mike Arce of Loud Rumor

Today Mike Arce is on the podcast to talk about the landscape of fitness and beauty locations before, during and after COVID-19. Mike, is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and advertising professional who owns Loud Rumor, a 7-figure advertising agency for fitness studios and independent gyms. Mike is also the host of a video podcast, The G.O.A.T. Show, where he interviews people who are arguably the greatest of all time at what they do. Tune in to hear this incredibly valuable information.

Managing How and When You Open with Cameron Herold of COO Alliance

Today Cameron Herold is on the podcast to talk about managing how and when you open. Cameron is the Founder of the COO Alliance and is known around the world as The CEO Whisperer. He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. Cameron's built a dynamic consultancy- his clients have included a ‘Big 4’ wireless carrier and a monarchy.
Cameron isn’t a theory guy- he speaks only from experience. He earned his reputation as the business growth guru by guiding his clients to double their profit and double their revenue in just three years or less.

Wealth Management & Asset Protection, with Dennis Morton of Morton Brown Family Wealth

A wealth manager for franchisee owner and founder of Morton Brown Family Wealth —Dennis Morton is on the podcast today to discuss wealth management and asset protection during the COVID-19 crisis and much more.

Pandemic Proof Your Business, with former CIA station chief Kevin Hulbert

A former CIA station chief and President of the XK Group—Kevin Hulbert is on the podcast today to discuss the economy, how to make decisions quickly without knowing the outcome, contingency planning, picking advisors, thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and much more.

Doubling Down During a Crisis with Kevin Harrington inventor of the infomercial and original shark on SharkTank

An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization—Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success.

I'm bringing Kevin onto the podcast today to discuss his franchising past, current opportunities for franchisees and thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and doubling down during this time of crisis.

Leading in Hard Times with Bedros Keuilian of Fit Body Bootcamp

I'm bringing Bedros into the group because at the end of the day, the thing that is most needed right now in your business is LEADERSHIP. It's an overused word, I know. But leadership is at the center of every solution to the problems we are facing right now.

The Appeal of Service Brands with Gary Findley of Restoration1

I’m joined on today’s episode of Franchise Secrets by franchise veteran Gary Findley of Restoration1. We dive into service-based franchises. Is the grass always greener? This Q&A is to help retail owners thinking about diversifying their portfolio.

Today's Mindset and Tomorrow's Opportunities with Orange Theory Investor, Justin Donald

I’m joined on today’s episode of Franchise Secrets by Orange Theory Investor, Justin Donald. We talk shop on what mindset you need today and the opportunities that might be available in the future due to the current market and virus situation.

Long Term Strategies for Franchising with Buzz Franchise Brand's CEO, Kevin Wilson

This episode is perfect for anyone just starting out in franchising that wants to learn how to plan for the long term, or people with a few franchises under their belts but looking to level up their game and eventually plan a graceful exit. Tune in for an hour’s worth of gems from Kevin!

What You Should Know Before You Buy Your Second Brand, with host Erik Van Horn

This journey has not been easy, but it’s been incredibly rewarding, and I love sharing my experience with others who are on a similar path. Join me on today’s podcast as I dive into what it took for me to branch out into different cities, different brands, different industries and more.

Simplifying Franchising, with Liberty Tax's founder John Hewitt

On today’s episode of Franchise Secrets I welcome an old friend and mentor, John Hewitt, multi award winner and one of the true legends in the history of franchising. John made his mark with Jackson Hewitt before finally cashing in and starting on his next venture, Liberty Tax, which he grew to over 4,000 locations in the first 12 years.

Managing Family and Business, with Jonathan Vroman of Front Row Dads

I’m joined today on episode 46 of Franchise Secrets by Jonathan Vroman, founder of Front Row Dads, coach and lifestyle rockstar who has not only taught me so much about how to prioritize my time and create a better work life balance, but also made it his life’s mission to help men all around the country with the same issue.

Going to Franchising School, with Tutor Doctor’s founder Shawn Goldsmith

I’m excited to welcome Shawn Goldsmith to this week’s episode of Franchise Secrets to take a deep dive into his career teaching franchising at Cornell and running his own franchises as well. I love speaking to Shawn because his perspective is so much wider than most due to the incredible breadth of his experience. Not only is he in franchising, he’s also heavily involved in the supply side and he comes from an academic background as well.

Turning Junk into Gold, with 1-800 Got Junk founder Brian Scudamore

I’m thrilled today to welcome Brian Scudamore to this week’s episode of Franchise Secrets, where we seek out the secrets and the knowledge you need in order to find the right franchise for you! Brian is a franchising legend. After realizing that he learned more from working that he did from studying, he dropped out of college to attack his junk removal business full-time. That business became 1-800-GOT-JUNK, a top-flight low cost to entry franchise that has swept both the US and Canada and annually grosses over a half billion dollars in revenue. He then branched out with his business partners to open two more rapidly growing franchise companies: Wow One Day Painting and Shack Shine, both of which are on pace to dominate their respective markets and gross over a half billion in revenue themselves.

Starting, Growing and Scaling a Franchise From Scratch, with Row House owners Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich

Do you currently own a business and consider expanding your business into a franchise? Or are you considering getting into the franchise industry? In this week’s episode, we welcome Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich, a couple who created the fitness business called, the Row House. They took the pivot to turn their business into a franchise. This couple who started their business ownership as a mom and pop standpoint and completely transformed into a successful franchise gives us some awesome insight on growing and scaling a franchise.

The Secrets and Impact of Gifting, with Giftology author John Ruhlin

Are you interested in creating new relationships, increasing client retention or even becoming a priority to others? My guest in this week’s episode has all of the answers on how to properly achieve each and every one of these. John Ruhlin, bestselling author of Giftology and a new friend of mine joins us to share how he has reached success with obtaining customers as well as building relationships and retention with them.

Insider Perspective with Yoga Six’s owner Dan Castellini

Sometimes hearing things from a franchisee’s perspective can change the way we look at a franchise and its various platforms. Have you ever wondered in what ways the franchise world has evolved? The complexities within the franchise industry have dramatically increased over the years. This week my friend and business partner, Dan Castellini joins me to share some insight on our experiences in the franchise world.

Taking Control with Fit Body Bootcamp’s founder Bedros Kueilian

Have you ever struggled with being in control? We all want to be in control. However, understanding both how to properly be in control and the depth and results that come with being in control of our surroundings is something we often are blind to. This week’s episode our guest is Bedros Keuilian. Bedros is the founder of the franchise, Fit Body Bootcamp. Bedros has an interesting background, followed by an immaculate outcome of success. He managed to turn his life around with hard work and control.

The Impact of Public Relations for Franchises with Fishman PR’s owners Sherri and Brad Fishman

Public relations have a lot to do with obtaining successful franchises. How many of you are intrigued with the public relation side and how it helps contribute with franchises? This week’s episode we have two guests joining us, Brad and Sherri Fishman. The Fishman’s own an organization called Fishman PR. They help business owners all over the world. The Fishman’s not only own a PR company for customers to hire, but they also do conferences all over to help and educate current and future franchise owners.

Keeping Momentum with Customers and Sales with Human Communications Institute’s CEO Michael Bernoff

In Franchise Secrets, Episode 38, we discuss many topics that dive deep into maintaining the growth of a franchise. Michael Bernoff, a good friend, businessman, sales coach and communication expert joins us to teach on key essentials such as marketing, proper sales techniques, personal influence and persuasion. Michael helps by role-playing real-life scenarios and how to overcome many of the obstacles when it comes to dealing with and building a clientele for franchises. Michael extends on important factors such how to handle presales, how to gain commitment from customers, how to get employees on board with sale tactics and much more. Michael has helped companies and owners really find a way to strive their businesses in a way many might struggle with.

Life Ambushes of Leadership with author and Wounded Wear’s founder Jason Redman

In Franchise Secrets, Episode 37, I bring in Jason Redman, to discuss leadership. Jason Redman is a former Navy Seal, who has written two books. One called Overcome and the other called The Trident. Both books inform the truths on life ambushes and how to overcome adversity. Jason has also ventured into and has experience in the business owning industry. Leadership is a key component in being a franchise owner. Jason gives us excellent insight on leadership when it comes to family, military, business and other real-life instances. Listening to Jason’s stories and hearing his philosophies has really put leadership into a new perspective. Jason shares with us how his leadership skills were not always the way they are today, that he learned through experience, as well as trial and error.

Semi-Absentee Franchising: What You Need to Know with Franchise Secrets’ Host Erik Van Horn

In Franchise Secrets, Episode 36, Erik Van Horn dives into expressing and teaching the secrets that come with buying and growing a franchise. Erik shares not only some of his personal stories, experiences and hardships with the Franchise owning process, he also shares necessary tips on how one can become a successful franchise owner. In this episode, Erik conveys proper steps to take in order to achieve a successful franchise, while also obtaining the semi absentee role as a franchise owner.

Innovative Fit2Fat2Fit Franchise and the Importance of Empathy with Owner Drew Manning

Are you interested in the fitness industry, but a brick and mortar franchise just isn’t within reach? My guest this week, Drew Manning has created a franchise program that might be the answer! Drew is here to share how his mission to change the fitness industry led to the creation of a franchise with a low barrier to entry and focus on empathy and support to set franchisees and their clients up for success. You will definitely want to hear about what Drew is doing in the fitness and franchise worlds!

How to Plan for Success and Failure in Your Business with Willis Park Corporation’s Aaron Gillaspie

In episode 34 of #FranchiseSecrets Erik Van Horn welcomes Aaron Gillaspie to the show. Erik and Aaron met at a discovery day for a brand Erik was a part of but ended up talking about salon suites. The two have stayed in touch over the years and even become competitors at times.

Becoming the Top-Dog in a Fragmented Industry with Alex Samios

A fragmented industry has no real major players that dominate the industry. There are few barriers to entry, and it allows you to become a disruptor—someone who comes in and shakes things up. If you implement a platform that does a better job of meeting demand, you could be well on your way to becoming a power-player in the market.

How to Find Social Media Influencers for Your Franchise with Sarah Kurtenbach

Social media influencers are the newest trend in the marketing world and something franchisees need to embrace in their marketing mix. But where do you find and connect with influencers? How do you know if it’s a marketing platform that will work for you? Sarah Kurtenbach, a social media expert, is here to answer questions about finding and using social media influencers.

A Deep Dive into Financing a Franchise with Geoff Seiber

Financing a franchise is one of the things you need to consider early on in the purchasing process. Finding sufficient funds is daunting and complicated—unless you have the right people guiding you through the process. This is where something like FranFund comes into play. Geoff Seiber from FranFund is here to walk us through the options available in this episode of Franchise Secrets.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Franchise Discovery Day with Jori Hayes

A franchise discovery day can be daunting to someone just diving into the industry. So what is it all about? What should you expect? What does the process look like leading into discovery day? If you’re trying to prepare and don’t know where to turn, I answer some of your burning questions in this episode of Franchise Secrets.

The Next Generation of Franchising with Zack Fishman

What does the next generation of franchising look like? What new and innovative ways of doing things are being introduced? If you’re a young franchisee looking for ways to connect with others in the industry it can be tough. Finding mentorship opportunities and connections isn’t always easy. In this episode of Franchise Secrets, I chat with Zack Fishman of Fishman PR all about being a young entrepreneur in the industry.

When Should You Consider Selling Your Franchise?

In this episode, I cover some of the things you’ll need to think about if you’re considering selling your franchise. I’ll talk about pinpointing a realistic value, reasons why you and others may consider selling, as well as alternatives to selling your franchise. There is always a solution—listen to find out what that could be!

Raising Capital to Buy 60 Pearle Vision Locations: Bill Noble’s Story

Are you interested in the process of raising capital to buy a franchise? Do you know how to properly structure the arrangement? When you’re not able to completely fund the purchase yourself this can be a viable option—if you know where to start. Brian Noble of West Point Optical Group is here to lend his expertise in this episode of Franchise Secrets.

Scaling Quickly with Smart Franchise Management with Bill Noble

Franchise management needs to be on point when you’re scaling a business quickly. No one understands that more than Bill Noble—who owns 60 Pearle Vision units. You can listen to our previous episode featuring Bill and learn how he financed his empire. In this episode of Franchise Secrets, we’ll talk all about how he manages his locations and doing so in seasons of rapid growth.

Selling a Franchise: How I Look at Valuation

Do you know how to properly look at valuation when selling a franchise? Do you know how to properly calculate what your business is worth? If you want to sell your franchise someday, you must know what its value is—and continue to increase it. I divulge some of my best advice in this episode of Franchise Secrets. Check it out!

How Chris DeJong Launched the Big Blue Swim School Franchise

If you have a passion for swimming then you’re in the same lane as the founder of the Big Blue Swim School franchise! He knew there had to be a better solution than renting pool time for swim lessons. His business was born out of a desire to offer better customer experience and a better learning environment for his students.

How to Have Your Business Run Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz

Are you trying to develop organizational efficiency in your business? Are you trying to find a way to take a step back and become an owner and strategist—NOT an operator? Effective leadership as a business owner begins with some tactical decision making. Mike Michalowicz, a renowned entrepreneur and author, is my guest today. Listen if you want to learn more about building an organization that can function independently of you.

The Benefits and challenges of a Business Partnership

A business partnership can be daunting to some—and to others, it’s their means of being able to own a Franchise in the first place. Do you know where you fall on the spectrum? Are you open to a partnership or actively looking for a partner? In this episode of Franchise Secrets I talk about some of the challenges in navigating business partnerships but some of the immense benefits as well. If you’re interested in my journey in the world of franchising you’ll learn all about it in this episode.

Why a Strategic Partnership Could Work for Your Franchise

Are you wondering if a strategic partnership could benefit your business endeavors? Are there just some skills that you lack that a partner could take on? If you don’t possess all the necessary skills—or even finances required—to be a business owner, consider partnering with someone who does. My guest today, Stephen Kopshaw, gives us insight into 3 different areas of franchising—and doing it with partners.

How To Choose The Best Franchise For You With Guest Eric Stites

Are you wondering how to find the best franchise for the investment you’re willing to make? Are you looking for an awesome tool to help narrow down your choices? Franchise Business Review is a market research firm that rates and reviews today’s top franchise opportunities. Here to talk with me about finding the right opportunity for you is Franchise Business Review’s CEO, Eric Stites.

The Different Paths To Becoming An Entrepreneur With Matt Tanner

Have you dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur? Did you grow up working in a family business or just knew at a young age you wanted to own your own business? In a day and age where young adults are catapulted towards college, perhaps there is another way. Here to talk with me today is Matt Tanner, an entrepreneur and franchise owner at the young age of 27. We talk about how he grew up in the business, the businesses he owns, education, and so much more!

Key Success Factors You Need To Embrace As An Entrepreneur With Guest Bedros Keuilian

Have you ever wondered if there are key personality traits or routines that successful people have in common? Are you looking for some inspiration to kick yourself into gear? In this episode of Franchise Secrets, I talk with a wildly successful franchisor, Bedros Keuilian. We cover his humble beginnings, the routines that ground him, and the drive needed to build a successful business.

Cultivate A Culture That Allows Your Team To Learn From Failure, With Chris Oakley

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, consider investing in a business turnaround—an underperforming franchise can make money in the right hands. If you’ve got experience and the necessary drive and willpower, it can be a great opportunity. Listen to this episode as we talk about purchasing underperforming franchises, changes that need to be made to management structure, and how to make a failing franchise profitable.

How to Build a Successful Team for your Franchise with Chris Oakley

If you’re looking to build a successful team of employees for your business, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Do you hire based on the education and experience of the candidate? Or do you consider their work ethic and their personality? There are many ways to assess whether or not you’re hiring the right person. In this episode of Franchise Secrets Chris Oakley and I talk about building the right team from the top down.

Business Turnaround: Why You Should Purchase an Underperforming Franchise, with Kevin Easterly

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, consider investing in a business turnaround—an underperforming franchise can make money in the right hands. If you’ve got experience and the necessary drive and willpower, it can be a great opportunity. Listen to this episode as we talk about purchasing underperforming franchises, changes that need to be made to management structure, and how to make a failing franchise profitable.

Buying a Franchise: The Final Decisions to Make, with Lance Freeman

This episode is the second in a two-part series all about buying a franchise! In the first episode, we covered everything from how to start the process, to understanding the financial model and being able to intelligently converse with franchisees. Listen to this episode, with Lance Freeman, as we continue our discussion covering validation, ‘Discovery Day’, closing the deal and purchasing a franchise location.

The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Franchise Development with Guest Ryan Zink

As a business owner in the beginning stages of starting a franchise, how do you know when to outsource franchise development? Do you have a few locations and you want to focus your time and energy on your current franchisees? Do you have a quality regional developer? In this episode of Franchise secrets, we chat with Ryan Zink about your options: to outsource or not.

An In-Depth Look at the Process Behind Buying a Franchise with guest Lance Freeman

In this episode of Franchise Secrets, we will talk about the step-by-step process of buying a franchise. Are you ready to purchase a franchise and want to know what the process looks like? Do you know what information to look for—and what they are looking for from you? From differentiating yourself from the crowd as a possible franchisee to understanding the franchise disclosure document, we have you covered with this insiders guide!

Franchise Opportunities: The Role of a Regional Developer with Guest Mark Johnson