Becoming the Top-Dog in a Fragmented Industry with Alex Samios

A fragmented industry has no real major players that dominate the industry. There are few barriers to entry, and it allows you to become a disruptor—someone who comes in and shakes things up. If you implement a platform that does a better job of meeting demand, you could be well on your way to becoming a power-player in the market.

How to Find Social Media Influencers for Your Franchise with Sarah Kurtenbach

Social media influencers are the newest trend in the marketing world and something franchisees need to embrace in their marketing mix. But where do you find and connect with influencers? How do you know if it’s a marketing platform that will work for you? Sarah Kurtenbach, a social media expert, is here to answer questions about finding and using social media influencers.

A Deep Dive into Financing a Franchise with Geoff Seiber

Financing a franchise is one of the things you need to consider early on in the purchasing process. Finding sufficient funds is daunting and complicated—unless you have the right people guiding you through the process. This is where something like FranFund comes into play. Geoff Seiber from FranFund is here to walk us through the options available in this episode of Franchise Secrets.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Franchise Discovery Day with Jori Hayes

A franchise discovery day can be daunting to someone just diving into the industry. So what is it all about? What should you expect? What does the process look like leading into discovery day? If you’re trying to prepare and don’t know where to turn, I answer some of your burning questions in this episode of Franchise Secrets.

The Next Generation of Franchising with Zack Fishman

What does the next generation of franchising look like? What new and innovative ways of doing things are being introduced? If you’re a young franchisee looking for ways to connect with others in the industry it can be tough. Finding mentorship opportunities and connections isn’t always easy. In this episode of Franchise Secrets, I chat with Zack Fishman of Fishman PR all about being a young entrepreneur in the industry.

When Should You Consider Selling Your Franchise?

In this episode, I cover some of the things you’ll need to think about if you’re considering selling your franchise. I’ll talk about pinpointing a realistic value, reasons why you and others may consider selling, as well as alternatives to selling your franchise. There is always a solution—listen to find out what that could be!

Raising Capital to Buy 60 Pearle Vision Locations: Bill Noble’s Story

Are you interested in the process of raising capital to buy a franchise? Do you know how to properly structure the arrangement? When you’re not able to completely fund the purchase yourself this can be a viable option—if you know where to start. Brian Noble of West Point Optical Group is here to lend his expertise in this episode of Franchise Secrets.

Scaling Quickly with Smart Franchise Management with Bill Noble

Franchise management needs to be on point when you’re scaling a business quickly. No one understands that more than Bill Noble—who owns 60 Pearle Vision units. You can listen to our previous episode featuring Bill and learn how he financed his empire. In this episode of Franchise Secrets, we’ll talk all about how he manages his locations and doing so in seasons of rapid growth.

Selling a Franchise: How I Look at Valuation

Do you know how to properly look at valuation when selling a franchise? Do you know how to properly calculate what your business is worth? If you want to sell your franchise someday, you must know what its value is—and continue to increase it. I divulge some of my best advice in this episode of Franchise Secrets. Check it out!

How Chris DeJong Launched the Big Blue Swim School Franchise

If you have a passion for swimming then you’re in the same lane as the founder of the Big Blue Swim School franchise! He knew there had to be a better solution than renting pool time for swim lessons. His business was born out of a desire to offer better customer experience and a better learning environment for his students.

How to Have Your Business Run Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz

Are you trying to develop organizational efficiency in your business? Are you trying to find a way to take a step back and become an owner and strategist—NOT an operator? Effective leadership as a business owner begins with some tactical decision making. Mike Michalowicz, a renowned entrepreneur and author, is my guest today. Listen if you want to learn more about building an organization that can function independently of you.

The Benefits and challenges of a Business Partnership

A business partnership can be daunting to some—and to others, it’s their means of being able to own a Franchise in the first place. Do you know where you fall on the spectrum? Are you open to a partnership or actively looking for a partner? In this episode of Franchise Secrets I talk about some of the challenges in navigating business partnerships but some of the immense benefits as well. If you’re interested in my journey in the world of franchising you’ll learn all about it in this episode.

Why a Strategic Partnership Could Work for Your Franchise

Are you wondering if a strategic partnership could benefit your business endeavors? Are there just some skills that you lack that a partner could take on? If you don’t possess all the necessary skills—or even finances required—to be a business owner, consider partnering with someone who does. My guest today, Stephen Kopshaw, gives us insight into 3 different areas of franchising—and doing it with partners.

How To Choose The Best Franchise For You With Guest Eric Stites

Are you wondering how to find the best franchise for the investment you’re willing to make? Are you looking for an awesome tool to help narrow down your choices? Franchise Business Review is a market research firm that rates and reviews today’s top franchise opportunities. Here to talk with me about finding the right opportunity for you is Franchise Business Review’s CEO, Eric Stites.

The Different Paths To Becoming An Entrepreneur With Matt Tanner

Have you dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur? Did you grow up working in a family business or just knew at a young age you wanted to own your own business? In a day and age where young adults are catapulted towards college, perhaps there is another way. Here to talk with me today is Matt Tanner, an entrepreneur and franchise owner at the young age of 27. We talk about how he grew up in the business, the businesses he owns, education, and so much more!

Key Success Factors You Need To Embrace As An Entrepreneur With Guest Bedros Keuilian

Have you ever wondered if there are key personality traits or routines that successful people have in common? Are you looking for some inspiration to kick yourself into gear? In this episode of Franchise Secrets, I talk with a wildly successful franchisor, Bedros Keuilian. We cover his humble beginnings, the routines that ground him, and the drive needed to build a successful business.

Cultivate A Culture That Allows Your Team To Learn From Failure, With Chris Oakley

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, consider investing in a business turnaround—an underperforming franchise can make money in the right hands. If you’ve got experience and the necessary drive and willpower, it can be a great opportunity. Listen to this episode as we talk about purchasing underperforming franchises, changes that need to be made to management structure, and how to make a failing franchise profitable.

How to Build a Successful Team for your Franchise with Chris Oakley

If you’re looking to build a successful team of employees for your business, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Do you hire based on the education and experience of the candidate? Or do you consider their work ethic and their personality? There are many ways to assess whether or not you’re hiring the right person. In this episode of Franchise Secrets Chris Oakley and I talk about building the right team from the top down.

Business Turnaround: Why You Should Purchase an Underperforming Franchise, with Kevin Easterly

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, consider investing in a business turnaround—an underperforming franchise can make money in the right hands. If you’ve got experience and the necessary drive and willpower, it can be a great opportunity. Listen to this episode as we talk about purchasing underperforming franchises, changes that need to be made to management structure, and how to make a failing franchise profitable.

Buying a Franchise: The Final Decisions to Make, with Lance Freeman

This episode is the second in a two-part series all about buying a franchise! In the first episode, we covered everything from how to start the process, to understanding the financial model and being able to intelligently converse with franchisees. Listen to this episode, with Lance Freeman, as we continue our discussion covering validation, ‘Discovery Day’, closing the deal and purchasing a franchise location.

The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Franchise Development with Guest Ryan Zink

As a business owner in the beginning stages of starting a franchise, how do you know when to outsource franchise development? Do you have a few locations and you want to focus your time and energy on your current franchisees? Do you have a quality regional developer? In this episode of Franchise secrets, we chat with Ryan Zink about your options: to outsource or not.

An In-Depth Look at the Process Behind Buying a Franchise with guest Lance Freeman

In this episode of Franchise Secrets, we will talk about the step-by-step process of buying a franchise. Are you ready to purchase a franchise and want to know what the process looks like? Do you know what information to look for—and what they are looking for from you? From differentiating yourself from the crowd as a possible franchisee to understanding the franchise disclosure document, we have you covered with this insiders guide!

Franchise Opportunities: The Role of a Regional Developer with Guest Mark Johnson

When researching franchise opportunities an important role for you to understand is that of a Regional Developer. They are sometimes also referred to as area developers or master franchisees. The role is somewhat of a hidden gem—the opportunity to work in this position is hard to come by. So what role do they play in the realm of franchising? Why is it so exclusive? Listen to this episode with special guest Mark Johnson as we delve into the world of regional developers.

Navigating a Commercial Lease Agreement with Guest Eric Finkelstein, Ep #6

Sourcing a franchise location and learning to understand how a commercial lease agreement works can be daunting. The technical jargon can be overwhelming—and these agreements are riddled with things you need to know. On this episode of Franchise Secrets, I interview Eric Finkelstein and we talk about everything from crafting your Letter of Intent to finessing the final lease agreement itself.

Want to Create a Franchise? Address These Legal Red Flags First, with Lane Fisher, Ep #5

It’s not uncommon for anyone who builds a successful business to think they should turn it into a franchise. But becoming a franchisor is not as simple as selling the idea to an interested buyer. There’s a right way and wrong way to go about it - and Lane Fisher is one of the guys who can explain what the right way is in clear terms.

As a Franchise Attorney, Lane currently represents more than 500 franchise brands in business transactions and complex franchise litigation and is a member of the American Bar Association’s Forum Committee on Franchising. He deals with the legal side of franchising day in and day out. This episode is part one of a two-part conversation, so join us to learn how to consider whether or not you should become a franchisor.

Start a Franchise Business: How to Find the Best Location, pt. 3

- Take advantage of free advertising available at daily needs centers
- How to leverage nearby businesses with the same synergies
- What kind of people are grocery stores and fast casual restaurants going to attract?

Start a Franchise Business: How to Find the Best Location, pt. 2

What are you supposed to look at when selecting the best location for your retail franchise business?

Erik shows how he does property macro-analysis, and discusses improvement costs with his agents.

Start a Franchise Business: How to Find the Best Location, pt. 1

This is the first video in our Site Selection series! Follow Erik and his real estate agents around Denver as they look for the best location to open a franchise business.